BBQ Lentil Stuffed Sweet Potato with Quick Coleslaw ~ Meatless Monday

I've pretty much been absent from my kitchen for the last few weeks.  Ever since my son went back to school on August 1st, I've been painting and redecorating just about anything around here that doesn't move.  :)  Before I started my 3-week DIY cosmetic home renovation bender, I cooked up a huge pot of plain lentils.  I wanted them basic so I could change-up their flavor for each individual meal ~ just by mixing in different spices, sauces, or toppings.  A few of the creative ways I've enjoyed the lentils ~ as a quick Indian soup; tossed into a simple garden salad; mixed into canned turkey chili; tucked into corn tortillas as a stand-in for taco meat; and as shown in the stuffed sweet potato above...  

For this meal I was inspired by a combo of posts I've done over the last year.  I took a bit-of-this from one recipe and bit-of-that from another... 
...and came up with a really quick and tasty meal!  I tossed some hot, drained lentils with my favorite BBQ sauce (Bull's-Eye Original BBQ Sauce), made a super easy coleslaw by mixing shredded cabbage with low-fat ranch dressing, stuffed it all into a nuked sweet potato, and served it with some steamed veggies.  It was a wonderful meal that was ready in just a few minutes.   I still have enough to make another serving, now you know what I'll be eating for my Meatless Monday lunch today!


  1. Love this,Vicki, and love your idea of making up a batch of plain lentils to doctor up for the week. Thanks!

    1. Hi Linda!

      Glad you liked the idea! It's the only way I don't get bored with my quick meals when I know I'm going to be too busy to really take the time to cook on hectic day(s). Like Monty Python says ~ Adopt, Adapt & Improve! :) Thanks so much for stopping by & commenting ~ Cheers!


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