I'm a Hungry Girl ~ Going back for seconds...

I Can't Believe It's Not 'Potato' Salad ~ (make with CAULIFLOWER instead of potatoes) - I made a bunch of low carb recipes from my Hungry Girl cookbook. THIS MOCK SALAD IS AWESOME!!! Wow, who knew you could make a cauliflower salad that tastes like potato salad. GREAT way to still get this summertime treat w/o all the carbs, fat & calories. It's a keeper!!

Yesterday I posted about how much I love the Hungry Girl cookbooks, website & cable show.  I knew I had more pictures around somewhere & I finally found them.

I'm also reposting the Hungry Girl Martini recipes, (I posted these last month), just in case you missed them during the holiday rush.

Hope you enjoy going back for second round of Hungry Girl recipes!

Vanilla Coffee Frap ~ Starbucks has nothing on this! What a great way to use up left over decaf coffee. Not to mention VERY easy on the pocketbook. I had to fight J off with the straw. :)  Hungry Girl ROCKS!

Super Sized Oatmeal ~ Great tip from the Hungry Girl site. You use 2x's the water, cook for 2x's as long & let it sit for a lil' bit & bada bing, bada bang - you've got a HUGE serving of oatmeal. Why didn't I think of this?

Mounds Bar Martini ~ Gotta love a drink that tastes like one of your favorite candy bars! I don't know how Hungry Girl comes up with these low cal alcoholic recipies, but, I am sure glad she does!


Kickin' Key Lime Pie Martini ~ Great low cal recipe from the Hungry Girl site. No guilt here & it tastes YUMMY!

Orange Creamsicle Martini ~ 50/50 bars were always my favorite as a kid. This is the low-cal adult version. :) Thank you Hungry Girl!  

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