Bill's Easy 3-Minute Microwave Fresh Corn on the Cob

Woo Hoo!!!  It's now farm-fresh corn season!  Last night, we purchased our first bag of sweet corn, fresh picked from our neighbor's corn field.  (see my last summer's post on their sweet corn/field ~ HERE)  This corn is so sweet, it really just needs a quick dunk in boiling water and it's good to go.

As a few of us were chatting over the pile of corn for sale, picking our ears (heehee, that sounds so funny!) our neighbor, Bill, told me how he likes to cook his corn. His way of cooking corn sounded so quick and easy, and perfect for lunch at work, or when you want just one ear of corn...or, maybe even for dinner.  It was getting late...we were hungry...I didn't want to wait for the pot of water to I tried his method.  Happy to report, Bill's way of making corn has to be the easiest way ever to prepare this golden veggie of summer ~ I'm a convert!  Thanks so much for the corn cooking tip, Bill!!

Bill's Easy 3-Minute Microwave Fresh Corn on the Cob
cooks up to 4 at a time

  • fresh picked corn ~ shucked, prepped and washed 
  • butter, salt/pepper
Wrap each of the prepped/washed corn on the cob in its own wet paper towel.  Place up to 4 ears on a microwave safe plate and microwave on high for 3 minutes.  Repeat if more ears (heehee) are wanted ~ just wet/reuse the paper towels each time.  Top the cooked corn with butter, salt and pepper.  *(my hubby wanted me to mention that you should not put the corn picks in the microwave, add them to the cob when you're ready to serve ~ so here is that note for all those who might not know this bit of info :)  Enjoy your super-quick-to-prepare corn on the cob!

Last summer at the corn field...

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