Red Chili Bean Stuffed Sweet Potato ~ Just in time for Mardi Gras ~ Meatless Monday

Getting a bit bored with eating regular baked potatoes?  Yeah, me too.  To get out of my spud rut,  I've started  baking/nuking sweet potatoes.  I really like their semi-sweet flavor and bright orange color.  They always make me smile when I split them open and see all that bright, fluffy neon-orange interior, AND they're super good for you, too!

Lately, I've been making this Red Chili Bean Stuffed Sweet Potato for a quick meal.  One word ~ YUM!  It's so super easy to do ~ just cook the poked sweet potato in the microwave until soft; top with canned red chili beans and give it another quick spin in the microwave.  I like to top it all with a dollop of fat free Greek yogurt, chopped cilantro & hot sauce.  For a Southern twist (that would be perfect for a Mardi Gras-style inspired flavor) sprinkle some Cajun/Creole Spice Mix all over the decked-out spud, and than give it a healthy splash of Louisiana Hot Sauce. (and maybe even add some white or wild rice, if you're so inclined!Oh, Bébé!

Eating like this couldn't be easier or tastier.  It's so very quick & really, really good for you.  I LOVE sweet potatoes/yams!  How about you?  :) 

P.S.~ Last year around this time, I posted a recipe for ~ Quick & Easy Red Beans and Rice ~ for a Meatless Monday meal.  Check out that recipe ~ here!

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