Lemon-Glazed Madeleines

I'm an armchair traveler at heart, and I especially love reading cookbooks that express the heart and soul of other peoples, places and cultures. One of my recent 'seat-side travels' has been to France, where I dropped in on Paris, via this spot-on book by David Lebovitz ~ The Sweet Life in Paris. It's not only full of good recipes, but it's also full of funny stories regarding his trials and tribulations of being an American expat, living abroad in a place that is home to that, je ne sais quoi, way of looking at life.  OK, who's kidding who... it's the (in)famous French attitude that he does battle with on a daily basis. Some times you win, some times you lose...but it's always a treat.

I've so enjoyed picking and choosing some of his recipes to create in my own stateside kitchen, and I've also enjoyed eating them all and sharing some of my creations (some just never made it past me and my mouth). My favorite so far has been his recipe for ~ Lemon-Glazed Madeleines. I was so inspired to make these little French treats toute suite, I just had to order my own madeleine tin online, late on a Friday night, after reading his story/recipe. I must say, they were a HUGE hit, and I highly recommend this recipe for these lovely, little seashell shaped, lemon-kissed gems if you're ever looking for a little bit of the sweet life from Paris...in your own kitchen...without the cost of airfare...or the (in)famous French 'tude. Bon Appétit! 

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