Easy Baked Chicken Tenderloins ~ Trader Joe's

When I want to make a simple and easy chicken dinner, I will often turn to frozen chicken breast tenderloins (chicken tenders) from Trader Joe's.  I try to always have a bag in my freezer, it just makes my life easier.  Nothing fancy about this meal. I just ~ put a layer of foil over my cast iron skillet (to make clean-up super quick); add the frozen tenders; spice them up; follow the baking directions on the back of the bag (you can bake them from frozen, so this is great for a last minute meal); and in about 20-25 minutes our chicken dinner is ready to put on the table.  Easy-peasy.

I almost always change up the type of seasonings/veggies/sauces I sprinkle/scatter/slather on the tenders before I pop them into the oven, so it never feels like the same meal twice.  For side dishes, I'll add whatever sounds good to me at the time, or I'll choose any leftovers that may be hanging around in the fridge that need using up.  I might serve the chicken with sides of ~ canned baked beans, steamed veggies, a whole grain salad, a green side salad, baked potato, mac 'n' cheese, etc.,  and we're good to go.  Sometimes it's nice to just go to an old favorite stand-by, you always know what you're gonna get...well, sorta.   :)  Minimum effort, maximum return.  Cool.

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