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Sometimes Dad does the cooking.  Roy makes a mean cup of English tea, it MUST be PG Tips (it's the only 'proper' tea) & always needs to be served with a biscuit ((for us Yanks, that's a cookie)) like they do back in his home country of England, wonderful English breakfasts (of course he does, he's English), full blown American breakfasts (full of fried potatoes & sausage), easy bachelor food (the kind that is doctored up canned/frozen foods, or soups from odds & ends - like he used to make during his single days), & really good desserts on the fly.

Since I am not a morning person, having breakfast made for me is a real treat.  J LOVES his Daddy's breakfasts.  He wishes I would make them, too ~ but no way ~ I just can't get it together early in the morning to create meals like this.  I need quiet time, tea or coffee & a meal under my belt before I can be productive in the kitchen. (see the problem with me cooking breakfast? Yeah, me too.)

Roy will also make lunch or dinner, from time to time.  Okey-dokey ~ You've got the helm, Spock, the kitchen is all yours.  (It's nice to be the customer for a change, instead of the cook)  I know a good deal...er, I mean meal, when I see one.  You cook & I'll do the dishes.  So, here are some of the wonderful meals, my wonderful guy, has made for his hungry family....

How Roy salvages a dull can of soup ~ he adds a Cream of Chicken Cup-a-Soup packet!  Disaster diverted!

Raisin Bran with Chilled Canned Fruit ~ One of Roy's favorite breakfasts.

Chunky Soup over Rice ~ An old stand-by from Roy's bachelor days.
Fried Egg & Bacon ~ One of Roy's favorite breakfasts to make when he actually finds the rare few slices of bacon I buy from time to time.  (usually only in the fridge for Father's Day, his birthday or maybe during the holidays)
Classic Roy Breakfast ~ Stoke's Pork Green Chile, eggs & Roy's fried potatoes...

Homemade Pizza by Jimmy ~ Using Trader Joe's pizza dough keeps this meal really simple to prepare & kid friendly. This one is ~ 1/2 ham & pineapple and 1/2 sliced hot dogs & extra cheese. (kid chefs, ya gotta love their style!)

Jazzed-Up Jello ~ Jello always makes for a fun dessert.  Roy just uses whatever happens to be in the fridge.

Late Night Munchies ~ Roy is always good for making a 'Dagwood-style' sandwich when the urge strikes.

Daddy makes the best breakfasts!

Breakfast Burritos with Steak & Green Chile ~  Roy made this today for breakfast/brunch.  Yummy!!  Mine had a low carb tortilla. 

Ham & Eggs ~ Roy used sliced brown sugar ham lunch meat. Three slices, left sticking together ~ worked out great!  Little Bessie eggs, look at the size of those yolks!   They're always a treat!

Ice Cream Sundae in Waffle Bowls ~ I found these waffle bowls over at Aldi & just had to get a box.  J really likes to eat his ice cream in such a 'fancy' bowl.  Roy & J are the ice cream eaters in this house, so they fill them up with whatever strikes their fancy.

Homemade Egg Sandwiches aka Egg McMuffins ~ We love McDonalds Egg McMuffins, but sometimes we don't feel like going out to get them, so we will make them at home.  That really comes in handy when the urge to eat one strikes at 10:31 AM.  :)

Silver Dollar Pancakes ~ Sometimes eating breakfast for dinner is a good thing.  On a day when little emotions run high, this dinner can usually make everything alright again in no time.

Blueberry Shortcake with Tapioca Pudding ~ Roy makes the best quick desserts with what is lurking in the fridge & pantry.  Pudding cups are a handy thing to keep around, not only for school lunches, but for a sweet treat, too.  Also, a little French Vanilla Creamer & a bit of whipped cream make a perfect addition to most any dessert.  :)

Leftover Pork Stir Fry ~ Roy makes a good stir fry, especially when there are leftovers that can be cooked up quick.  This time the stir fry was made with leftover Thai spiced pork tenderloin, steamed veggies & the last of some canned peaches. 

Baked Potato Stuffed with Steak, Mushrooms & Fried Onions ~ Roy wanted something quick the other day & decided to use baked (nuked) potatoes as a base.  He filled it with some of the steak fajita's that I've mentioned before (over in my Fav Food/Ingredients page), a slice of cheese & some baby bella mushrooms ~ all sauteed together in a little sherry & topped with Frenches fried onions & beef gravy.  It was all done in under 10 minutes.  Great tasting & quick eating, I love when that happens!

Ice Cream & Cookies ~ Every so often, I will buy some ice cream & when I do, Roy loves to make desserts out of it.  One of his favorite ways to make it is to add cookies or cake with the ice cream.  This time we had peanut butter ice cream, so Roy added some of J's peanut butter wafer cookies ~ a match made in heaven.

Beenie Weenies ~  If J is hungry & I'm not home, this is the quick stand-by that Dad can have ready for his hungry kid in minutes.  I always have V8Fusion in the fridge & it has a full serving of fruit & of veg in every glass, add a piece of bread & butter and this meal is good to go.  So much quicker & cheaper then running out for fast food & not too bad for you either. (I always buy turkey dogs...shhh, don't tell  :)

Roy's Quick & Easy Special Fried Potatoes ~ Roy makes the most amazing breakfast potatoes.  He microwaves them first, then finishes them off on the stove.  They are crisp on the outside & creamy on the inside. They are sooo good.  I never make them since I''m not really a breakfast/morning cook & besides he is so good at it.  :)

 Roy's Quick Mystery Surprise Dessert ~ He throws together a pudding cup, any cake/cookies/fruit that are hanging about, & maybe a little ice cream (if there is any about, not often in the freezer, but sometimes) or bit of canned whipped cream & gives it all a quick stir.  It can look like a bit of a jumble, but it always tastes so good.  ;)

Breakfast Burrito with Stokes Chile Sauce ~ We became addicted to Stokes Chile Sauce when we lived in Colorado.  They don't sell it this far East, so I have to order it & have it shipped. I order a dozen cans at a time to save on shipping ~ it's worth every penny.  They have a bunch of great flavors & are AWESOME!!!  Try some if you ever get the chance, it really makes a dish taste WONDERFUL!!

Johnsonville Brats Breakfast ~ These are Roy's favorite brats, but I really have a hard time buying them due to the fat content.  So, I make a compromise & get them for him as one of his Father's Day treats.  He was nice enough to share them this year. They do make a tasty addition to an already fantastic breakfast.  It's nice to have a personal breakfast chef in the house!

Toaster Waffles ~ As Roy always says, fruit & whipped cream can make anything special.  J LOVES it when Daddy makes a quick breakfast.  If it were me making a quick breakfast, it would just be a plain, ol' boring bowl of cereal ~ but even with cereal, Roy gets out all the cool toppings.  His bowls of cereal are all dolled up.  Guess I should take a lesson here...but then it wouldn't be special anymore.  So, nah, I like having it special when Dad makes it, too.  :)

Eggs, potatoes & sweet apple sausages (from Trader Joe's) ~  Roy makes the best potatoes, I'll do a post on how me makes them, they really are amazing.  I so enjoy it when Roy makes breakfast.  These are the eggs we gathered over at Dan's house, when we were helping out.  Look at how YELLOW the yolks are, they taste soooo good! 
Chili & Rice Bowl ~ One of Roy's quick, go-to meals in a hurry (works as long as there is leftover rice available) ~ Food in a hurry is alright by me.  :)

Sweet & Sour Pork ~ Roy & I had the munchies late one night & he decided to cook.  I had some leftover pork chops & rice & he made this REALLY good Chinese dish in no time flat.  I love it when we have just the right ingredients all ready to go in the fridge.

Beans on Toast with Egg ~ This is one of Roy's favorites.  He used to eat this as a kid.  For dinner they would just have beans on toast, but for breakfast you would add an egg.  We all really enjoy this meal, usually we add an eggs, just because we like eggs so much.

Steak & Egg Rice Bowl ~ Roy makes this for a quick meal.  He uses the frozen steak fajita's I've talked about before.  His one tip is that you have to keep the egg yolks runny in the middle & make sure you don't break the yolks until you have put the eggs on top of the steak & rice.  That way the yolks can run down all through the steak & rice.  Top it all off with some soy sauce & you are good to go!

Eggs, Potatoes, Sweet Apple Sausage & Beans ~ This was actually dinner the other night.  J really wanted one of Daddy's breakfasts & he didn't care what time of day it was. Fresh eggs (from Dan's chickens, look how yellow the yolks are, they are VERY good eggs!) & beans (the English REALLY like beans with breakfast), Roy's special potatoes & Trader Joe's Sweet Apple Sausage.  J was dancing at the table, he was so happy to get this meal.  It has been awhile since Roy has made it for us & it has been missed.  Thank you, Daddy!
Chunky Soup over Rice ~ Roy's old "bachelor days" quick dinner.  Works when we need to eat NOW.  Two scoops of rice & a can of soup ~ Dinner for two is served.

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