Lazy Man's Crepes ~ simple way to jazz up your morning pancake batter...

This morning my son wanted pancakes for breakfast.  I had just enough powdered pancake mix to make a couple of pancakes, but not enough for all of us to have some.  I looked around, but there was no backup box in the pantry ~ drat!  So, I decided to thin out the batter and make my easy version of crepes instead.  That way there would be plenty for all of us for breakfast.

Sometimes when I get the craving for crepes, but, I don't want to get out all the ingredients to make the real-deal, I made them this way.  It's super easy, especially since I use a 'just add water' pancake mix.  I add extra water to the mix, just enough to make the batter thin enough to swirl around the hot skillet.  It's ready to flip when the bubbles are set, just like traditional pancakes.  Can't get easier or lazier than that.  Maybe I should have called them ~ Lazy Mom's Crepes.  :)

Shirley, this is the breakfast your Uncle Roy was telling you about today.  Let me know if you try making them and if your family likes them.  :)  

Lazy Man's Crepes

  • your favorite prepared pancake batter  (I like Eagle Mills Buttermilk Complete Pancake Mix ~ just add water)
  • extra water
  • stuff for filling and topping the crepes, like ~ sweetened cottage cheese, fresh fruit, jam, whipped cream
  • pancake syrup
  • Pam cooking spray

Take you favorite prepared pancake batter and add extra water.  You want the batter thin enough to swirl around the pan to make a crepe circle.  (probably about the same amount of water as the liquid called for in your pancake batter recipe)

Warm up a skillet, over medium-high heat & add Pam cooking spray when ready to cook the crepes.  Pour in about a scant 1/4 cup thinned batter and swirl around the pan.  Flip over when bubbles appear, just like you would when making regular pancakes.  When done, set aside and keep warm. (or just fill and serve them as you go)  Continue making  more crepes, applying more Pam to the skillet for each crepe made.

Fill crepes with sweetened cottage cheese or your favorite fillings.  Top with syrup, fresh fruit and whipped cream.  Enjoy!

Eagle Mills Buttermilk Complete Pancake Mix ~ I LOVE THIS STUFF!!  It is very similar in makeup to Heart Healthy Bisquick & is only about $1 a box.  All you need is water ~ how lazy is that? teehee ~  Cheap & cheerful at its best!

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