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Man, what a difference a paint brush, searching the web for smart ideas to try on my house & a little bargain hunting can do...  Here are some of the projects that I've done, in no particular order or time frame, from 2007 - 2013.  As I find more of my old photos, I'll add them to the top of the pile of pictures.  :)

April 2013 ~ We had Pergo flooring installed in 1/2 of our downstairs (left to right in the photo, no pic of the 1/2 bath) ~~~ in the hallway (pic taken from standing in front of the 1/2 bath, looking towards the front door), dining room, kitchen (the countertop/appliances are to the right of the pic, out of view), mudroom/laundry room (I'm standing in front of the washer, looking out through the kitchen, through the dining room, out to the staircase/entry) & the 1/2 bath.   We LOVE it!!!  We chose a 'single' plank look, instead of a plank that has 'multi-strips' in the plank.  The seams are beveled, just like a real wood plank would be, so it gives the floor a more realistic look.  We love all the strong color variations.  The pattern is called Montgomery Apple & I highly recommend it!


Patio Slab 2010 ~ AFTER ~ staining / painting gray & crack repair ~ it looked so much better!  It's held up for 2 years & now it's time for another coat.  That will wait until the cooler weather in the fall...

Patio Slab ~ BEFORE ~ pre-painting / staining & crack repair

Breakfast Nook 2011 ~ AFTER ~ Beadboard Wallpaper is amazing! I  can't recommend it enough!!! I've used it in other places in the house. ~~   Scored at Goodwill: 1) signed photo art work (of green & orange colored veggies) , I took apart the frames & sprayed them with a hammered bronze spray paint & it brought them back to life. Just LOVE them, perfect for a kitchen   2) Corner lamp was another score, perfect condition/size/color. I love having a lamp at the table, it gives off such a warm feeling day or night.  It lights up that corner & since we only have the one window in the kitchen, that corner needs a little love.

Breakfast Nook ~ BEFORE ~ pre-beadboard wallpaper, chair / dado rail ~ yellow wall painting done


Kitchen 2011~ AFTER ~ Clearance $1.50 a strip mosaic tiles from Lowes = $25 of backsplash updating.  Added a few new drawer pulls for the lower cabinet & it really helped update the 1990's look.  I had mirrors cut to fit & glued them to the ends of the upper cabinets, next to the sink.  (you can see the one on the upper right cabinet, look just above the blue vase w/the sunflowers in it) It helps the only window in the kitchen appear bigger, lets in more light & lets me 'look in my wing mirrors'. They give me more of a visual in the backyard - so I can enjoy a 'wider view of the yard/trees... & see more of what J is up to. :) ~~  Another Goodwill score: the 3 prints of veggies, above the backsplash.  They are another favorite that goes perfectly in the kitchen & with my veggie photo pictures by the kitchen table.

Kitchen ~ BEFORE ~ ready to put the new backsplash up

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