Blueberry Rhubarb Muffins ~ healthy, low fat gems!

I came across this recipe for Blueberry Rhubarb Muffins and had to give them a go.  Why?  Because my neighbor, Cheryl, shared some homegrown rhubarb with me; fresh blueberries were 99 cents a pint at the market; and I found a recipe that used the two together...seemed like a sign to me!   The muffins are full of whole oats and the recipe make 12 VERY generous muffins.  I found them incredibly filling and I didn't get hungry for hours after eating them.  I enjoyed them for breakfast, at lunch and also as a snack ~ last week as I was painting and working around the house.

RoseMarie checking out the muffins as they cool...

The muffins are really low fat, so they are a bit on the dry side for my tastes ~ but perfect if you are looking for a super low fat muffin.  They were good as-is, but I preferred eating them with a schmear of  low-fat margarine or low fat cream cheese.  I also enjoyed them torn into bits and served in a bowl, covered with fat free milk.  Eaten this way, they were the perfect breakfast cereal, sorta like a 'baked soft granola'.  What a simple way to change-up a muffin into a different 'meal'.   So, if you're looking for some new recipes for baking with rhubarb or blueberries, check out the recipe over on the blog ~  Downton Abbey Cooks.  :)   

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