Middle Eastern Flavored Scrambled Eggs ~ from Dan's kitchen & The 4-Hour Chef Cookbook ~ Guest Cook Post

Middle Eastern Flavored Scrambled Eggs ~ from Dan's kitchen and The 4-Hour Chef Cookbook

More creative cooking from my friend Dan's kitchen and The 4-Hour Chef Cookbook. (with a little flavor boost from making ~ Homemade Ghee)  This time Dan made ~ Middle Eastern Flavored Scrambled Eggs.  He served them with the Union Square Zucchini recipe that I shared with you last week.

'The Girls'
Dan has a few chickens that he keeps in his backyard, so he usually has plenty of 'free range' eggs at his disposal.  But, 'The Girls' aren't laying right now, so he had to make do with store bought eggs.  That's why he made the Ghee, to add a little extra oomph.  (to 'Meet The Girls' check out this post from late last spring ~ when my son & I were taking care of them for a few days)  So, without further ado, here are Dan's photos/commentaries on...

Middle Eastern Flavored Scrambled Eggs with Homemade Ghee ~ from Dan's kitchen and The 4-Hour Chef Cookbook 
slightly adapted version

This is clarified butter also called Ghee. It is pretty simple to make. You take a couple of lbs of unsalted butter and put them in a slow cooker or sauce pan and warm slowly until it just simmers. Spoon off the milk solids and then strain through a few layers of cheese cloth into a quart jar. The clarified butter can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months. It has a higher smoking point than regular butter and has a distinctly richer flavor than regular butter.  ~  (just finished Ghee on the left & cooled and ready for cooking/storage Ghee on the right)

Middle Eastern Flavored Scrambled Eggs and Union Square Zucchini ~  The eggs are flavored with cumin and cilantro. Valuable lesson to making scrambled eggs is slow heat. I used Ghee instead of grapeseed oil (that the original 4-Hour Chef recipe called for) to add some additional richness that these store bought eggs were lacking. (My girls haven't started laying since they moulted.) Great taste, and rich buttery texture.

'The Girls' ~ dining al fresco

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