Homegrown strawberries & fresh eggs ~ just another semi-rural Sunday in the Midwest

Strawberries fresh picked from our backyard. 

With all the warm weather we have been having, we are weeks ahead of the usual strawberry harvest schedule.  J & I picked two pounds (!) of strawberries today & there are TONS of green ones.  We are eating them plain, right out of hand.  I think that is the best way to enjoy the first berries of the season. 

J & I cut some brown iris's from the garden today.   J thought they smelled like chocolate & they did!  How cool!  'Chocolate' & strawberries ~ growing in my yard.  Who knew? 

Today we have been living the semi-rural life ~ picking & eating sun-ripened, homegrown strawberries and helping take care of  a 'backyard' gentleman farmer's chickens.  Life is good.   :)

Our friend, Dan, has three chickens and we helped take care of them for a few days.  We dubbed them 'The Girls'.  J was really taken with them.  We dug up worms from our yard to bring with us when we went over to Dan's house to feed them.

'The Girls' let out a funny "Oooo!!" when they find something tasty.  The worms never stood a chance.

Checking for eggs...
Bingo. Egg-o's!
Gathering the eggs.  We get to keep them for helping out.  Cool!
Anybody home?

J really liked the timid black chicken.  'The Girls' were not as taken with him, as he was with them.  Imagine that!

Summertime is almost here.

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