Union Square Zucchini ~ from Dan's kitchen & The 4-Hour Chef ~ Guest Cook Post

Union Square Zucchini ~ from Dan's kitchen & The 4-Hour Chef Cookbook

My friend, Dan, just shared a photo/recipe on Facebook, less than an hour ago.  It was of a zucchini dish he just made today ~ Union Square Zucchini ~ from The 4-Hour Chef Cookbook.  Man, that looks good!  I'm pirating his photos and written how-to of the recipe and am making it today's blog post. (I so want this cookbook for Christmas!)

Bet you didn't know you were doing another Guest Cook Post, did you?  : )  Thanks so much for writing this for me, Dan!  heehee

Union Square Zucchini ~ Dan's slightly adapted recipe from ~ The 4-Hour Chef Cookbook 

Made by slicing up a a small zucchini with the Star Peeler. (photo to left ~ it can be used as a peeler, but also as a thin slice handheld mandolin slicer) Warm skillet with Medium Heat, put about a 4" circle of olive oil in the skillet, then put about a teaspoon of red pepper flakes in the skillet, promptly stir with a fork that has a clove of garlic on the tines. This adds flavor and prevents scratches to your skillet.

Put in half of the zucchini that you have dried with paper towels into the skillet. After two minutes, put the zucchini in the skillet to the side, then add remainder of the zucchini and squeeze half a lemon for juice. Let sit for two minutes. Promptly move to plate. I add a bit more red pepper. You can salt and pepper to taste, but it is pretty good without. This is the second time in two days, I have made these. They are great! Nice citrus/sour flavor mixed with the spicy hotness of red pepper flakes.


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