Jude's Chuck Roast ~ from Dan's kitchen and The 4-Hour Chef Cookbook ~ Guest Cook Post

My friend, Dan, has more photos/commentaries of the recipes that he is cooking from The 4-Hour Chef Cookbook.  This time I'm sharing the recipe he made for ~ Jude's Chuck Roast.  Since I'm still waiting to see if Santa brings me my own copy of The 4-Hour Chef for Christmas, I'm once again pirating his hard work in the kitchen and sharing it on my blog.  He's happy about it, I'm happy about it and I'm guessing you'll be happy about getting more recipes/commentaries from/about The 4-Hour Chef Cookbook.

As a little bonus, Dan's mom, Pat, has shared some great tips on changing-up mashed potatoes.   Mom's who are good cooks always have the best advise when it comes to tweaking recipes and making them even better.  Thanks to you both!

Jude's Chuck Roast ~ from The 4-Hour Chef  Cookbook
~ Dan's slightly adapted version of the recipe with his photos/commentary

Jude's Chuck Roast ~ The recipe calls for a 2.5 lb chuck roast or rump roast. Place in pan, then add 15 ozs each of beef consommé, beef broth, and French onion soup. Add in three cloves of garlic and about a dozen Cipollini onions. I added a couple of stalks of celery and some carrots. The recipe calls for 350F degrees for 2.5-3 hours, but I chose to cook it for 4 hours at 300F degrees. This gave me the opportunity to prepare the dinner rolls...

Mom's Freezer Rolls ~  These are from a 70's era Pillsbury Cookbook I have that was my Mom's. (since I couldn't find the Pillsbury recipe online that Dan made, here is another recipe  from the 70's era that sounds like it might be similar)

The chuck roast came out as the French call it boeuf a la cuilliere (translated spoon beef) because you can eat it with a spoon.  Made some garlic mashed potatoes with the skins on.  So very good to have so many comfort foods in one great meal.

Dan's mom, Pat, has a tasty tip for jazzing up your smashed spuds even more ~ Another nice addition to mashed potatoes is adding butter beans. Take a can of butter beans, rinse/drain them and then squish them up in your fingers. Add them to your prepared mashed potatoes (could be garlic) and stir them together.  Also, a bit of lemon juice is nice as it makes them slightly tangy and I also like to add a dollop of either sour cream or Greek yogurt, just add at the same time as the butter beans and give it all a good stir.  Reheat if necessary and serve.

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