Fat Tuesday ~ Shrove Tuesday ~ Pancake Day ~ Time for some pancakes!

Perfectly golden...

Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day ~ by what ever name you call it, it is almost here.  In England, it goes by Shrove Tuesday & since the hubby is from England, that is what we call the day that the pancake is king.

As any 7 year old would, J loves his pancakes (a lot) & never needs an extra excuse to eat them. In this house we celebrate Shrove Tuesday by eating lots & lots of pancakes.  Here are a few of our favorite kinds of pancakes to make ~ both traditional & with a little bit of flair...

English Pancakes ~ These are very similar to French Crepes.  I really like to eat this type of pancake with Meyer lemon & sugar.
English Pancakes with Meyer Lemon & Sugar

Traditional Pancakes ~ These are J's favorite.  He really enjoys them at our local cafe.  On the kids menu they have a great big Mickey Mouse face pancake, you can count on him to order it whenever we go there.  At Mom's 'home cafe' he gets them regular.  Either way, he eats them up quick!
Traditional Pancakes with Maple Syrup

English Pancakes ~ You can roll them or you can fold them, any way you do it is good.  I think they look very petite when you fold them this way.  Just add your favorite filling. Yum!!
English Pancakes with Meyer Lemon & Sugar

Dutch Baby Pancakes ~ These baked pancakes are so very good & can be made large or small.  Leftovers, filled with custard/pudding & fresh fruit, make wonderful fruit tart desserts.

Dutch Baby Pancakes

French Crepes ~  I love to make French Crepes because they are so versatile.  They make a wonderful breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.  Tuck leftovers inside & they become special.

French Crepes

Hope you get a chance to celebrate this years Fat Tuesday/Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day with a big plate of golden pancakes.  I know we will!  :)

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