Dutch Baby Pancakes ~ Such a simple & easy breakfast or brunch

Dutch Baby Breakfast ~ We had this for breakfast last weekend. What a huge baked pancake! It was REALLY good. I even had leftovers, so I turned them into a "French Fruit Tart" ~ http://honestcooking.com/2012/01/20/dutch-babies-recipe/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=dutch-babies-recipe
Dutch Baby with Fresh Fruit

The other day my Facebook feed showed a post for Dutch Babies, from the online magazine ~ Honest Cooking.  The name was intriguing.  After looking at the recipe & photos, I decided it would be good for a Saturday morning breakfast. I am so glad to say, it was a smashing success!  It is actually a spin on a German dish, even though they call it a Dutch Baby.

Dutch Baby, baking in the oven

The batter was super easy to make.  My trusty cast iron skillet was the perfect thing to bake it in.  The hardest part was waiting for it to come out of the oven...

My big, beautiful Dutch Baby

By the time it was ready to come out, the whole thing had risen up very high & was a delicious shade of golden brown.  Then, just a few minutes after coming out of the oven, it fell gracefully into a big, beautiful pancake.

We tried it two ways - the traditional way with lemon & powdered sugar and with maple syrup.  Maple syrup was our favorite.  It was so big, we couldn't finish it all.

I knew I could do something special with the leftovers, so for dessert that night I turned them into a...

French Fruit Tart with Raspberries
French Fruit Tarts    

It was the simplest dessert ever.  I spread some vanilla pudding (from a pudding cup)  on the leftover Dutch Baby, added fresh fruit, chilled, and ~ VoilĂ ! A light, tasty dessert. It was like we had just brought home a special treat from a French pastry shop.

French Fruit Tart with Mixed Berries

This will definitely go into my breakfast /brunch rotation.  It would be perfect for a lazy weekend treat.  Or, maybe I'll just turn the whole thing into a French Fruit Tart next time.  Why bother with going to the French pastry shop if I can make it at home.  Roy would be so pleased...

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