Taking a second peek at some fun & tasty Christmas-y recipes...

I like the flavors of these recipes so much, I thought I'd share them one more time on the blog.  Just in case you missed them the first time around...  :)

Festive Christmas Eggs ~ using both red & green bell peppers rings makes for a 'Christmas colored' low cal & low carb way to eat my breakfast...

Our friend's old family recipe for ~ Cinnamon Red Hots Applesauce ~ makes an appearance on our Christmas table, every year.  It's sooo good!

Homemade Snowman Pizza ~ makes for a fun lunch or dinner!

Spiced Eggnog High Protein Smoothie ~ a nice way to start my day & full of the eggnog flavor that I love...

Gingerbread Cookie Smoothie ~ another smoothie that I like, full of the flavors of Christmas...

Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas!!!


    1. Hi Jen!
      Merry Christmas to you & yours!


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