Festive Christmas Eggs ~ A low carb, low cal & low fat breakfast treat!

Festive Christmas Eggs ~ Great for the holidays, but they would be wonderful for anytime of year.  These are a simple way to eat low carb, low fat and low cal.  What a deal!

My friend, GA, shared a photo link on Facebook of an imaginative way to cook your eggs.  It was from the Facebook fan page for ~ Mama Earth Organics.  I love the way it looked and decided to try it in my kitchen.  They didn't have a 'recipe' listed, just a 4-square photo showing how they did it.  Couldn't be simpler ~ take a ring slice of bell pepper; crack an egg in it and cook it until done.  Theirs were 'sunny side up' and looks like it had a tomato slice nestled down on the bottom.  I just used the sliced bell pepper and the egg, but about half way through cooking mine, I added a little water & covered the skillet with a lid to get a little steam action going ~ so my yolks are still runny, but covered with cooked white on top.

This was ready in under 10 minutes.  I just love how pretty it looks and you can't beat the carb, fat or calorie count!

Sure makes for a pretty presentation, perfect for a Christmas morning breakfast or brunch.  Actually, they would be great anytime of day and there's no need to only enjoy them during the holidays ~ especially when you're looking for an extra special way to serve the incredible, edible egg.   If you'd like to see more cool recipes, stop by the Mama Earth Organics website for more info about their organic food delivery service (in the Toronto area), recipes & such.  Enjoy!



  1. Eggs are a little "extra" special cooked this way, Vicki. My hubby and I enjoyed doing them like this when we had come across them awhile ago.

    1. Cindy, Don't know why I never thought of cooking them this way before. I'm a sucker for bell peppers & they just look so cute on the plate. How could you now smile when seeing them? Hope you are enjoying your holidays! Cheers!


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