Toasted Tomato Sandwich ~ Meatless Monday

One of my son's favorite meatless lunches is a Toasted Tomato Sandwich.  He likes to give me specific instructions on how to make this simple, but satisfying, sandwich.

J: Mom ~ toast it, but not too dark.  Add mayonnaise, but not too much.  Spread on some cream cheese, but just a little.  Don't forget the salt and pepper ~ but put it on the tomato and not the bread.  Only slice it in two...not in fours.  Don't forget my baby carrots and peanut butter.  Do I have to eat the crusts?  Really?  All of them??  OK, I'm finished.  Can I have some more?

Me: You want to eat more veggies?  No problem-o!  Coming right up! :)

Music to a mother's ears.  

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