SugarBean Cupcakes ~ Gourmet artisan cupcakes & treats, all wrapped up in Midwest small town charm

Today, I had the pleasure of discovering a wonderful, delightful, charming and all-together amazing gourmet artisan cupcake bakery, it's called ~ SugarBean Cupcakes.  They're nestled in the small town of Cicero, Indiana.  I've passed by this shop often, as I'm traveling back-and-forth down Hwy. 19, usually after swinging by Morse Lake, or doing other shopping/errands in the area.  I've always meant to go in ~ the purple painted porch on the old Victorian home continually caught my eye, but I was always on my way to somewhere else.  Today, I made the time to stop in, and I'm so glad that I did.

(photo source ~ SugarBean Cupcakes)
When I entered the shop, I was warmly greeted by Cheryl and Stephanie, the mother/daughter duo who are the creative force behind these incredibly delicious cupcakes.  I was so impressed with the abundant cupcake selection ~ two bakery cases full of jewel colored eye-candy!  It's all so beautifully presented, you can really see all the love and care that goes into these little beauties.

I was only going to buy one cupcake, but I just couldn't make up my mind. I was just so tempted...  So much so, that I came out with eight(!) different flavors.  Who could resist?  (certainly not me, this challenged baker knows a good thing when she sees one!)  So far, we've sampled/swooned over the ~ Salted Carmel, the Blue Raspberry Lemonade and the Strawberry Chocolate cupcakes...and the evening isn't over yet! 
 I'm so thrilled to finally have a place like this so close to home!  It's on par with my favorite bakeries from back home in Los Angeles and Denver.  Who knew Cicero had such a little gem?!  This panorama shot gives you an idea of just how cute this little cupcake shop truly is! (photo source - SugarBean Cupcakes)

They had somewhere around a dozen different cupcake flavors/baked goodies, and the selection changes daily.  They stay open until they sellout and I'm betting that with taste treats this beautiful and delicious, they probably go home pretty early most days! 

The cupcake shop is located on the ground floor of a converted, turn-of-the-century Victorian home and they've made it so pretty inside.  You can take your little baked treasure home, or, enjoy it there.    This will be my new hangout when I want to pamper myself.  I can see this as my new go-to for a fantastic and impressive dessert ~ without any effort on my part.  I also think this would be a GREAT place for 'The Girls' (old, young or young-at-heart) to have a little impromptu get-together, so they could have a cuppa tea/coffee, a little something sweet, and, as my English hubby would say ~ a good 'natter.  What a fabulous way to make your day just a little extra special!

This time, I had to take my boxed, baked goodies to go, but next time, I'm going to stay and savor my beautiful cupcake with a cup of coffee, and enjoy some chit-chat.  I'm sure I can tempt my hubby to go with me too, since they also have cinnamon rolls, scones, muffins and cookies. 

Cheryl & Stephanie ~ It was so nice to meet you both!  I  entered your shop as a guest, but I do feel like I left as a friend...and that was such a nice way to end my day.  Thank you both so much!! 

Show SugarBean Cupcakes some love on Facebook!  Even if you don't live close enough to try them yourself, you'll still enjoy seeing all the beautiful and colorful pictures of their daily cupcake specials.  The ever-changing, daily array of amazing flavors might just make you hop into your car for a road trip! (they really are that good! :)  See ya there!


  1. I love our SugarBean and am thrilled they are getting the recognition they deserve!

    1. Hi Amber!

      I agree, Sugarbean is marvelous! I can't say enough nice things about them, I just love all their baked goodies & treats! Thanks so much for stopping by & commenting ~ Cheers!


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