Oat Bran ~ it's not just for breakfast anymore...

I've been eating a lot of oat bran lately, and have begun to enjoy it as a savory dish as well as a sweet dessert.   For the savory side, I add some chopped nuts, fresh chopped herbs, spices, Braggs and spray butter.  It satisfies my craving for something savory, but still gives me the benefit of oatmeal.

Same thing goes with eating oat bran as a dessert.  I make extra in the morning and save some in the fridge for later.  I take it out after it's chilled and then add in some cardamon (for an Indian-flavored spin) or cinnamon, a packet of Equal or maybe some maple syrup and give it a quick stir (I like to leave it a bit chunky when eating it cold).  Then add a splash of milk. YUM!!  It once again satisfies my craving for a sweet dessert, but I'm still getting all the goodness of oats.  I love when a food can do double or triple duty!

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