Apple Tart Without Dough ~ from the book, French Women Don't Get Fat

Apple Tart Without Dough - from the book French Women Don't Get Fat ~ A few months ago I posted about my introduction to the books in the French Women Don't Get Fat series. To read that original post, go here.  I still enjoy reading through the books & making some of their delicious, low fat/low cal recipes.  If I'm in the mood for a really low cal treat, I'll make the original Apple Tart Without Dough recipe, it's still one of my favorites.   Going crustless never tasted so good!

It's a simple, but very satisfying dessert.  Even though it's low cal, it's still full of flavor ~ the sliced apple is kissed with little dots of butter & dusted with cinnamon & sugar and then baked.  I give it an additional spray of   I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray, just to give it that little extra  je ne sais quoi.  

So much flavor, in so few ingredients ~ you won't even miss the pastry. You can make it with or without the described cabbage leaf 'base'.  You can't taste the cabbage leaf, it's really just for ease of removing from the dish you bake it in & for presentation.  Either way you make it, it's a dieter's dream.  Check out the recipe & try making it the next time you want a little guilt-free French indulgence.  BON APPÉTIT!

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