French Women Don't Get Fat ~ Enjoying fresh, low fat & low carb eating... the French way

Basic Vegetable Soup ~ From the book, French Women Don't Get Fat. ~ This soup recipe is very basic & very good. It calls for pureeing the soup (bottom bowl), but I also like it with the veggies whole (top bowl). Tasty stuff, very low cal & low carb. (if you leave out the potatoes)
Do you remember all the fuss when the book, French Women Don't Get Fat, came out in December of 2007?  There was a run on leeks, you couldn't find them anywhere.  I must admit, I was right in there with all the other readers, searching for leeks, all over town, in the dead of winter.  I was thrilled when the third market I went to actually had them.  I paid for my little bundle of green 'gold' & set off to make the Magical Leek Soup that was the secret of so many French women. 

I enjoyed the book ~  I read, I cooked, I ate, I tried wearing scarves, I recommended it, I purchased the second book, French Women for All Seasons ...then I put the books on the bookshelf & forgot about them. Life with a preschooler can do that to you.

Basic French Omelet ~ Since you leave it soft in the middle, it really tastes like there is cream it in, but nope, just egg. Check out the new school way of how to make a French omelet  ~ vs. the old school, classic Julia Child TV show version

Now that the preschooler has turned into a first grader, I have a bit more time to read.  As I was going through my cookbooks the other day, I found them again.  I will have to give them a second read, as well as the two additional books that author, Mireille Guiliano, has written - French Women Don't Get Fat CookbookWomen, Work, & the Art of Savoir Faire.

Now, I'm in the mood for a little French flair in this American home.  Time to break out my Julia Child cookbooks, Julie & Julia DVD, Edith Piaf CD, a few scarves and a little red wine with chocolate...  Bon Appétit!

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