Super Moist Spiced Carrot Cake ~ egg-free

Super Moist Spiced Carrot Cake ~ egg free
Yesterday, I had a craving for carrot cake.  Lucky for me I had all the ingredients to make one ~ I just needed to find a recipe that sounded good.  I looked at the blogs I follow & found a recipe over on Peas & Thank YouThe recipe was for a vegan carrot cake, but since I only had regular cream cheese & margarine, mine became a vegetarian carrot cake instead.  Fine by me.

The cake turned out very moist, a beautiful golden orange color, nicely spiced & egg-free ~ the only thing was, it's a bit heavy handed in the sugar department. (for my taste)  Of course, J thought it was just perfect.  (Of course he did, what 7 year old doesn't like his cake really sweet?)

I think next time I make this, I'll tinker with the recipe some ~ like cutting back on the sugar (both in the cake & the icing) by at least 1/4 to 1/3; adding some shredded carrots to the batter (along with the pureed carrots); adding some chopped toasted walnuts (I think carrot cake really isn't carrot cake w/o walnuts) & try replacing the cream cheese with fat free cream cheese/skipping the extra margarine/using less sugar in the icing.  Roy & J said they are willing to be my taste test volunteers ~ imagine that! heehee  :)

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