Quick Rice Pudding & Bread Pudding ~ turning leftovers into a sweet ending to your meal

I always try to use up all of the food leftover from our meals, I just hate having to throw away food!  Usually I'll turn any odds & ends into soup, but occasionally, I'll create desserts out of them.  Either way, savory or sweet, those leftovers get one last hurrah.  Like Grandma Bunni always said ~ Waste not, want not. :) 

Quick & Easy Rice Pudding ~ Ever have just a bit of rice left over & nowhere to use it? Turn it into rice pudding using a vanilla pudding mix (use instant or regular, w/sugar or w/o, it's very versatile).  In a medium sauce pan add the milk, leftover rice, some raisins & a little cinnamon ~ simmer all together for about 10 minutes.  Let the mixture cool a bit, then add the pudding mix & stir well. Eat the rice pudding hot or cold. I sometimes add coconut extract & cardamom for an Indian flavor.

Bread Pudding ~ This is a great way to use up leftover stale bread ~ I guess that's how it also got the name 'poor man's pudding'.  This is one of our go-to comfort foods, we really enjoy this dessert.  We'll eat it either hot or cold & sometimes we'll even have it for breakfast.  Roy usually pours a bit of milk over the top ~ that's just the way he rolls.  :)  Check out this recipe for a light version of bread pudding, over at Food.com 

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