Swedish Smorgasbord ~ Celebrating made easy

Swedish Meatballs & Gravy over Noodles ~ This has to be my favorite Swedish dish.  I love the RECIPE over at Anne's Food, she is a Swedish food blogger with great recipes.

Pickled Beets & Cream Dill Sauce
One of my earliest memories of dining out is of going to the big, Swedish Smorgasbord, that was over on the other side of town.  It was a magical place for a kid who was unafraid of trying new things.  Table after table of salads, main dishes, side dishes & desserts.  Chefs in white coats & tall white 'hats', solemnly standing there, waiting to carve or dish up whatever you asked for.  They would always sneak a smile to the little girl who could barely see over the top of the table, pointing at what she wanted to try. My favorite was always their Swedish Meatballs, no surprise there ~ everybody knows & loves that traditional symbol of Swedish cuisine.  The dessert table was a sight to behold & was the perfect way to end a wonderful meal. 

Salmon Cakes & Creamy Dill Sauce
Sadly, it is almost impossible to find a Swedish Smorgasbord anymore.  They have been replaced with fast food joints & those tired strip mall, sports themed, TV plastered, Friday night, loud & crowded places.  Needless to say, I miss the way it was sometimes ~ when dining out was special & the special didn't come with a plastic toy on the side.  You got dressed up, had to use your best 'restaurant manners', the family enjoyed being together, talked & savored all the bounty that was just a few steps away from the table...and no dishes to clean up at the end of the meal.  Perfect!

Since I am reminiscing, I thought I would put together some of the Swedish foods I've grown up with & enjoy eating.  It's funny, I've never really thought about how many things I eat/serve that are actually Swedish.  I've always just thought of them as 'good eats', which they certainly are.  So, if you are wondering what our family's Swedish Easter celebration smorgasbord might have out on the table for you to choose from, here are some of the foods you might find to tempt your taste buds...   Enjoy!

Dilled Asparagus ~ I nuke baby asparagus for one minute & then plunge them in ice water to chill them quickly. (helps them keep their bright green color)  I them marinate the asparagus overnight in: 1 part cider vinegar to 3 parts water, a handful of fresh dill & salt/pepper.  To serve:  I drain the asparagus & drizzle or toss the spears with a little olive oil, salt & pepper.  It makes a wonderful starter or finger-food appetizer.

Pickled Herring in Wine Sauce ~ I love Vita brand, they also have a Pickled Herring in Sour Cream.  This makes a great appetizer & couldn't be easier to serve, with or without crackers.  I've enjoyed this since I was a child & I still get cravings for it. 

Pink Pickled Eggs ~ I soak hard boiled eggs in pickled beet juice for a few days.  The longer they soak, the pinker they get.
Semla ~ Almond Cream Pastry Bun ~ I posted a recipe for these last month. They are really good & very easy to make.  A perfect way to end any meal, especially at a smorgasbord.

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