Kamut ~ An ancient food, perfect for Meatless Monday

Kamut Berry Salad ~ Great  recipe over at Poor Girl Eats Well, it's really tasty.

I am trying to get more whole grains in my diet & decided to give kamut a try.  It is not actually a grain, but is a berry/kernel. (I think of it as a grain, as do most who cook it)  The rumor is it can be traced back to the time of the Egyptian pharaohs & is said to have been found in some of their tombs, but it's exact origins are shrouded in mystery.  It is being grown commercially again, since it has such a great nutritional makeup & taste. It has a chewy texture & a slight sweet/buttery corn flavor.  If I had to compare it to something, it would be posole / hominy, just a really mini, chewy version.  I get mine from a local co-up bulk bin, but I know they sell it in some grocery stores, too.

I made three different meals out of the pot of kamut grains/berries that I cooked.  I was surprised at how much one cup of kamut made, plenty for multiple meals.  I was able to create two hot pilafs ~ one with a Thai spin & one with a Mexican flair.  I then made a cold salad that had a fresh flavor that reminded me of salads I'd order in California.  All three were tasty, filling & had a satisfying texture.  Hope you get a chance to enjoy it to!

Thai Green Curry Kamut Pilaf ~ I mixed some Thai Green Curry Paste in a little water & added it to some cooked kamut, mixed veggies, crumbled tofu, Braggs/soy sauce & cilantro. Yum!

Mexican Kamut Pilaf ~ I mixed cooked kamut with some salsa, crumbled firm tofu, black beans, diced onion & chopped cilantro.  I heated it all up & ate it all up.  Super easy & tasty.

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