Eggs for Easter ~ fun ways to eat your eggs

Soft boiled eggs are a perfectly simple breakfast for Easter

I don't know about you, but at our house, we think that eggs are right up there with bunny rabbits as the best decorations for Easter.  We have eggs everywhere ~ both inside the house & out.  We've got colorful plastic ones, neon ones, hand decorated ones, jumbo ones, mini ones, chocolate ones, hand carved ones & last, but not least, colorful fresh ones. (supplied by friends with chickens ~ thanks to Dan & to Misty!)  I also have a bunch of playful egg cups that my cousin, Susanne, sent me years ago.  Those egg cups make an appearance whenever we eat soft boiled eggs ~ but they take center stage at Easter time.  They are such a whimsical way to display Easter eggs ~ I can't imagine Easter without  them. 

Soft boiled egg & 'toast soldiers'

Playful egg cups make a breakfast so much more fun...

Fresh eggs are the BEST!

I always use an 'Egg-Perfect Eggtimer' to cook my eggs.  It takes all the guess work out of when to take the eggs out of the water.  It is my 'go-to' for all hot water boiling of eggs.  I also couldn't live without my 'egg topper',  it makes it so easy to remove the top off a soft boiled egg.   (it's shaped like Micky Mouse's head, so it makes me smile, too)

...the pinker they get.
The longer they soak...
I also like to soak hard boiled eggs in some pickled beet juice to make shocking pink eggs.  They look cool & really brighten up any salad you put them in. I'll try making deviled eggs with them next time.
High 5 Lamb (with egg ear muffs)

Peeping chick
Easter Egg Bush

Easter Pals
Robins Egg

  Happy Easter ~ from our family to yours!

Easter brunch party
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