Creative Leftovers ~ Irish Soda Bread & Corned Beef Seitan

Strawberry Shortcake ~ made with leftover Irish Soda Bread ~ This was amazing!  The soda bread was perfect as a stand-in for traditional shortcake. I just cubed up the leftover soda bread & spooned sugared strawberries over the top.  We like to pour a little half & half (or milk) over our strawberry shortcake, as well as a bit of whipped cream.  It was a perfect dessert to go with the warm temps we have been enjoying this past week.

Remember the Irish Soda Bread and the Vegan Corned Beef & Cabbage I posted about last week?  Well, I had some leftovers from that St. Patrick's Day meal & I always get creative with my 'leftovers'.  When I get through tinkering, you'd never know you were eating the same thing for the second (or third) time.  You could easily use regular Corned Beef, if that is what you have hanging around ~ it would taste amazing no matter which type of Corned Beef  (vegan or regular) you use.

Grilled Open-Faced Vegetarian Corned Beef & Swiss Sandwich with Roasted Red Peppers ~ made with leftover Vegan Corned Beef Seitan ~ I basically started making a grilled Swiss cheese sandwich, but didn't put the two slices of bread together.  Instead I topped each slice of  melted Swiss cheese/bread with some hot, sliced corned beef seitan & then added diced roasted red peppers with a bit of yellow mustard & parsley.  It was sooo good!

Grilled Vegetarian Reuben ~ made with the leftover Vegan Corned Beef Seitan ~ This is addicting!  I thin sliced the corned beef seitan with my mandolin slicer & then cooked the thin slices in a single layer, in a medium hot pan, with a bit of oil - just until it started to get a bit golden.  I heated some sauerkraut & grilled some bread with Swiss cheese & layered it all together with some Thousand Island dressing & mustard.  I served it with some pickled green tomatoes that I made at the end of last summer.  Man, this was crazy good!!!

All ready to assemble...

Slicing it thin...

Vegetarian Reuben with homemade Pickled Green Tomatoes ~ Awesome!!

Vegetarian Pâté ~ made with leftover Vegan Corned Beef Seitan ~ This was so easy to make.  Just take some slices of the corned beef seitan, mash it up with a fork, until you get it fairly smooth.  Then add some of your favorite mayo, a little at a time, until you get a thick, creamy blend.  Since the corned beef seitan is already spiced, you don't have to add any more spices - but get creative if you feel like it.  If you are using regular corned beef, I would use a food processor to blend it, otherwise you would be there all day trying to get it smooth.  :)  I was inspired to make this vegetarian pâté after I made a regular chicken liver pâté, for my Mad Men Cocktail Party post.

I hope these photos give you some ideas on what to do with some of your St. Patrick's Day leftovers.  Now, I'm guessing there are no leftovers of this, hanging around in your fridge... and if there are, I'm sure you know exactly what to do with them.  :)

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