Wishing For My Salad Days...

Salmon & Salad ~ Dinner on the table in under 20 minutes.
Today it was in the 50's, (that might sound cold, but it was very nice) sunny & really quite wonderful.  It has been like this for the last week or so.  I have bulbs starting to peek up & buds swelling on the trees.  All of this promise of Spring is coming months too early.  So far, this has been a very mild start to the 2012 Midwest Winter. But, come tomorrow.... in comes the rain, turning into snow & followed by an Arctic blast.  Looks like this little tease, of the upcoming Spring, will soon be over.

Since I have been able to pretend it is late Spring instead of early January, we have been having a lot of salads the last few days.

Chicken & Salad ~ 10/29/11~ Last of our homegrown veggies
The produce is not too bad at the market right now.  Not as flavorful as homegrown, but it is scratching the itch.

I went back through my Facebook photo album, looking for pictures of some of the salads I made last year, using the veggies out of our garden.  Somehow being able to pick your own veggies for your salad feels so right.
Steak Fajita Salad ~ 7/28/11 ~ I made a mixed lettuce salad & added cuc, tom, garbanzos, purple cabbage & cheese. I used John Soules Foods ~ Beef Fajitas. This is a great product I get from Sam's Club or WalMart. Already cooked, just heat up with the bell pepper & onion. It is low in fat & REALLY tasty. Makes for quick & easy meals. It comes in Chicken Fajita, too.

Since we are still eating Fat Flush Plan friendly meals, these salads are just what the diet calls for.  When it looks & tastes this good, eating lower carb is easy.

I'll be wanting soup in the next few days, when the weather tanks, but for right now, I am still enjoying my little bit of Spring.  :)
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