Healthy Spiced Apple Cake ~ from Gordon Ramsay's cookbook ~ Healthy Appetite

Spiced Apple Cake ~ This is wonderful, tasty, moist, healthy cake from Gordon Ramsay's cookbook - Healthy Appetite. The apples rings are pretty on the top, but I probably won't bother next time. They would be a nice touch if you are taking it to a potluck, though. This batter would make great muffins! ~ Check out the recipe!

Since J was studying different holiday traditions last month at school, I have been on the lookout for more celebrations that might be fun to learn about.  I read about a very old tradition that is celebrated mid-January in England.  This unusual celebration, known as 'Old Twelvey Night'  (January 17th) or ~ Wassailing, has been going on since medieval times.  Spiced Apple Cake fits right in with celebrating the apple.  It showcases apples to perfection. 

The Orchard-Visiting Wassail is an ancient custom of visiting apple orchards, pouring cider around the base of the oldest/largest tree, putting cider soaked bread in the branches, singing to the trees & making lots of noise to scare away any evil spirits.  All of this has been done for centuries to ensure a bountiful harvest for the coming year.

There is also a festive drink called Wassail.   It is used in the Wassailing ceremony & is also a popular hot drink.  I think any celebration that helps to break up the monotony of cold, dark winters sounds like fun to me!  Check around your area, maybe you will be lucky enough to have an orchard close by that is hosting a Wassailing celebration this January.  ~ Waes Hail! ~
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