Healthy Appetite ~ Gordon Ramsay Style

Fresh Broccoli Soup ~ Gordon Ramsay is my new cooking hero. I've been watching Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, UK. I just love it!  He made this in one of the episodes. I boiled it in plain water & used Chicken "Better Than Bouillon" instead of adding salt, just added it when blending. Roy thought it was too green, but J & I loved it! Low cal/carb, quick & really tasty. What's not to love?

I am a big fan of Gordon Ramsay.  His shows are entertaining & his recipes are good.  I especially like his more recent cookbooks, the ones where he focuses on healthy foods/recipes that are easy to find & kid friendly.  I read through his newer cookbooks from time to time & they not only inspire me to try a recipe, they inspire me to actually go into the kitchen to make it for us, right then & there.  As long as I can find the actual ingredients needed, or something close, it's cooking time.  :)

Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins ~ from Gordon Ramsay's 2008 cookbook - Healthy Appetite, they were wonderful. We ate them all by breakfast the next day. :) The recipe made a doz regular muffins & 18 mini muffins. ~

One of my favorite cookbooks of his is ~ Healthy Appetite (in paperback March 2012).  It is full of recipes that I enjoy making & we all enjoy eating.  Check out a copy from your local library & see what you think.

Spiced Banana Oatmeal Muffins ~ This is another recipe from Gordon Ramsay's - Healthy Appetite. I also made some cookies out of the batter & liked them much better that way. The muffins took too long to cook all the way through & got a bit too dry. I'll make the recipe again, but only as an Spiced Banana Oatmeal Cookie. They made an excellent oatmeal cookie ~
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