Are you a Hungry Girl?

Green Tea Swappuccino ~ Another winner from the Hungry Girl cookbook. I love the fact that I can make this Starbucks version, at home, for a fraction of the calories & cost. I go a bit light on the green tea powder, depending on my mood & if I REALLY need more caffeine. :) Rock on, Hungry Girl!!
I'm a Hungry Girl.  I'm a Hungry Girl who likes to eat.  I'm a Hungry Girl who has to watch her calorie intake.  I'm a Hungry Girl who likes to make the recipes from the Hungry Girl cookbooksHungry Girl website.

Bacon 'n' Cheese Bell Pepper Skins ~ Fun with Bell Peppers - I made a bunch of low carb recipes from my Hungry Girl cookbook. The 'mock' potatoes skins, on the left, were really good. But what isn't good w/a little cheese, onion, bacon (bits) & sour cream (ok, yogurt). The 'pizza slices' on the right were good, too.

 If you are already a Hungry Girl, you know what I'm talking about.  If you are new to being a Hungry Girl, you are in for a treat (literally) & then some! As I was putting this post together, I went through my copy of ~ Hungry Girl 200 Under 200 ~  & found over 20 recipes that I have already made. (I put a happy, neutral or sad face in the Index to help me remember what I've tried & what I thought about it. High tech, no. Fun & silly, yes.)  Many of them were made before I started photographing the things I've cooked, so now I have a lot of recipes to make again.  :)

PB & J Super Shake ~ This is another recipe from the Hungry Girl cookbook, tweaked a bit to use what I had on hand. J LOVED it! I used some of J's cereal, F/F milk, yogurt, a bit of jam/peanut butter & frozen strawberries. No need to buy something special if you don't have just what the recipe calls. Adopt, adapt & improve. We will make this again & again. 
I'm not sure how Lisa Lillien comes up with all of her great recipes, but I'm sure glad she does. You can even catch her on the Hungry Girl Cooking Show on the Food Network's, Cooking Channel.

Bloomin' Onion - I made a bunch of low carb recipes from my Hungry Girl cookbook. This one uses Fiber One for the coating & you bake the onion, instead of frying. It was ok, but I would rather splurge & get the real thing once a year.
So many low calorie ways to satisfy your hunger, I just love it.  This is the one time being a Hungry Girl is a good thing!

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