Happy Chinese New Year ~ The Year of the Dragon

Today is January 23, 2012. Today is the Chinese New Year ~ The Year of the Dragon.

Tropical Beef w/Brown Rice~ I just love Martin Yan's, Quick & Easy cookbook. Check it out & try some of the wonderful recipes that really are quick & easy. He should have added Incredibly Tasty to the book title, too.  I've loved  every single one of the recipes that  I've made. Over a dozen & counting.
I don't now about you, but I LOVE Chinese food. I like to go out to eat it, as well as to make it at home. Since you do all the prep work in advance of the cooking, it comes together quickly once the cooking starts. I appreciate that when I want something on the table at a certain time, prep work makes all the difference.

My favorite Chinese chef is Martin Yan.  My favorite cookbook of his is Martin Yan ~ Quick & Easy.  I have yet to find a dish that I didn't like & they truly are quick & easy.  Check out the book from the library or get a copy for yourself & see what I mean.  You'll be enjoying a home cooked Chinese meal in no time flat.
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