Homemade Lowfat Granola

I've always loved granola. I love it with milk, I love it with yogurt, I love it right out of the bag.

I don't love all the sugar & fat they normally have in them. I don't love feeling like I can't eat a food, that in its more natural state, is really good for you.

So, to fall in love with granola for all time, I looked around & found out that...

I love homemade granola. I love that it is easy to make. I love that I can put whatever I want in it. (I like walnuts, raisins & shredded coconut)  I love that I can make it fresh for a midnight snack if I want to.

I love this recipe for Lowfat Granola, from over at ~ The Little Red Kitchen.  She was inspired by recipes by Deborah Madison & Nigella.

Try it & see if you fall in love, too.....

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