Cocktails ~ Enjoying the many Spirits of Christmas

Eggnog ~ If I want the whole fat, real deal Eggnog, I'll have a glass & savor it.  But to indulge in it much more frequently,   I really wanted to find a quick, low cal version of one of my favorite holiday drinks. Here is an interesting recipe I found online. I tweaked it a bit by using a little  Butterscotch pudding, along with the Vanilla. Ooh la la!  ~

I think there is something about Christmastime that makes drinking holiday 'froufrou' beverages almost mandatory.  Maybe, it's the sense of sharing a Christmas tradition with past generations, or maybe it's the acceptance of wanton, increased calorie consumption. Either way, I'm there.  :)

Glogg ~ This will keep you going through the cold nights of winter. My Swedish ancestors were on to something, Swedes sure know how to party. Here's a little history on Glogg  & how to drink like a Viking. Skal! ~

Whatever it is, I wholeheartedly jump on the holiday sleighwagon bandwagon & join in the Christmas spirit...with spirits & wine, the froufrou-ier, the better.

Brandy Milk Punch ~ This is one of my favorite drinks to make at home. It is rich tasting , without being too sweet or too heavy.  I drink this one year round. You can use other liquors, but brandy is my favorite for this drink. Make mine shaken, not stirred. :) ~ ~ Here is another spin  ~

So, what is your favorite holiday cocktail?

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