Pumpkin Latkes ~ Cinnamon Walnut Noodle Kugel ~ Kasha Varnishkes

Pumpkin Latkes ~ I tweeked the recipe I found over at Big Girls, Small Kitchen - I used pumpkin instead of butternut squash & didn't cook it first. I cooked it slower, at a lower temp & with Pam. I'd cut back on the flour to 1/4 cup next time & add some onion.They where really good. A  unique way to cook pumpkins. ~ http://www.biggirlssmallkitchen.com/2010/12/meatless-monday-butternut-squash-latkes.html

I have tried my hand at cooking some Jewish recipes the last few days, just in time for Hanukkah. Recently, J has been learning about different cultures/regions & how they celebrate their holidays. So, to keep him interested in learning about different foods & cultures, I decided to cook some dishes made in the places they studied last week.

Cinnamon Walnut Noodle Kugel ~ This was a big hit!  I added walnut pieces, in place of the corn flakes, to the topping, butter & cinnamon. J was begging for more, so it is kid approved ~ http://whatjewwannaeat.com/2010/12/26/noodle-kugel/

I have made three Jewish specialities, and they all turned out SOOO good. The Noodle Kugel has already been requested again, I see limitless possibilities with this dish.  It can be made sweet or savory & will be. The same goes for the Latkes, I used pumpkin - an unusual choice I know, but I wanted to try something different from the usual potato version.

Kasha Varnishkes ~ I had some buckwheat around & was looking for new ways to enjoy this earthy grain. I found this recipe on a great blog site, Tea & Cookies. She says it comes from a friends, mom's, Russian Bubbeh (Grandma) & is authentic. It is so simple, but so good. Jewish comfort food, at it's best. ~ http://www.teaandcookiesblog.com/2011/05/kasha-varnishkes-for-comfort.html ~ http://ohheygreat.tumblr.com/post/297511468/things-you-should-make-to-eat-no-1

The Kasha Varnishkes was a tasty dish that was fragrant with sauteed onion.  Such a cool way to cook with buckwheat.  This really is simple, comfort food.

J is enjoying having food from all the places he has just learned about. I'm really happy that J is so open to trying new foods, it sure makes dinner time so much easier. :)

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