Menudo ~ my favorite Mexican soup

Menudo ~ Juanita's Brand ~ All dressed up & ready for the party

If I had to choose only one type of cuisine to eat for the rest of my life, it would have to be Mexican.  Not the commercialized version that passes for Mexican food for the bulk of the population, but the real deal. The kind that is mostly found in homes & small, hole in the wall joints, where the locals pack the place.  I grew up in Los Angeles, where authentic Mexican food is everywhere, & to me it is the taste of home & is my comfort food.  In over 4 years in my new home state, I have been unable to come up with one decent place. So when I do get a chance to visit L.A., I binge and do so with a happy heart.

I think one of the best Mexican soups out there is menudo.  I was introduced to it, a very long time ago, by my friend, Lupe.  I think her mom makes the best. (of course, everyone thinks their Mom or friends Mom, makes it the best)  It takes a long time to make & is truly a labor of love.  Since most of us don't have the time or inclination to make it, you can sometimes find a good Mexican restaurant that serves it on the weekends.   For the rest of us who do not have access to it any other way, a big can of  menudo will have to suffice. (or if you are like me & the only one in the house who likes it)

I happen to really like Juanita's brand, it is tasty & full of all the things that make menudo, well, menudo.   All you have to do to make that can of soup sing is to dress it up like it is going to a fiesta. When you place a plate of condiments ~ Lime wedges, cilantro, chopped onion, shredded cabbage, sliced radishes, dried oregano, crushed chili pepper & corn tortillas ~ on the table next to that big bowl of menudo, you know you are in for a treat.  It's not really homemade, but it sure is close enough & it really hits the spot when you are having a traditioanl Mexican food craving. And I am not talking about the Taco Bell kind of food craving, but the authentic taste of Mexico kind. Ahhhh...

Oh, I forgot to mention the best part...Since the big holiday parties are almost here, why not get some of this soup to have on hand. Why you ask?  Well, everybody who eats this stuff knows (and now so do you) that this is the best food going for helping cure a hangover.  Yup, I have first hand knowledge & this stuff works.  Tasty food that is good for you, just another reason to love menudo.  :)  

Feliz Navidad!

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