Gingerbread Cookies on Parade

Everyone knows, Christmas is a time for cookie making.  I understand this, but, I am a realist, and I know that making cookies should be a spectator sport for me, not a hands on activity. But, when you have a 7 year old who wants to play with his food, supervision is in order.

Hard at work

Since I do not come from a family of bakers, I don't have any 'handed down' cookie recipes to pull out of my Santa's hat of baking tricks.  I needed inspiration & I needed it fast.

Wait for it...

I saw a promising post from Fat Free Vegan on Facebook & thought I'd give it a try.  Check it out here ~  Low Fat Gingerbread Cookie recipe.

It's show time!

It couldn't have been easier.  The recipe makes A LOT of dough, so you can split it up & bake it over a few days of merry baking.  We liked them best with a full coating of icing, but I think they look cooler when you pipe the design on.

Got milk?

J had a good time making them & ate them up as fast as I would let him. He really wanted to get out his Play Doh equipment to help with rolling, cutting out the shapes & decorating them...see, I said supervision was in order.  :)

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