Quick Teriyaki Beef & Veggies

Some nights, I like to make a super quick 'Chinese stir fry' for dinner, using lean ground hamburger.  It's a perfect plan for when I have some leftover rice already sitting in the fridge.  (I usually save the teriyaki glaze for the nights I use ground beef, but I've been know to use sweet & sour sauce instead, if the mood strikes :)  This simple to make meal is always a hit around here, and as an added bonus, it can also help me clean out the veggie bin ~ SCORE!   

For this really easy Quick Teriyaki Beef & Veggies meal, I just ~ brown some lean hamburger in my wok; nuke a variety of colorful sliced veggies until they are 'tender-crisp'; throw the veggies in with the cooked beef; then drizzle on some bottled teriyaki sauce and add some Chinese 5-Spice; then give it all a good toss.  For the boys, I will serve it over white rice, but for me, I'll serve it on a bed of raw spinach leaves.  I like how the heat of the cooked beef and veggies will slightly 'wilt' the spinach.  Besides it's so much lower in carbs when I serve it this way.  Save those carbs where you can, I always say.  I just love having quick-to-the table meals available for dinner, especially those that  I can have ready in about 15 minutes.  It makes those days when I'm in a hurry sooo much simpler.  :)

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