Easy Old-Fashioned Graham Cracker Icebox Cake

Sometimes I like to make a simple and easy to prepare dessert, one that is very forgiving and tastes great. It's my spin on the classic  ~ Old-Fashioned Graham Cracker Icebox Cake.  For my version I line a dish with plastic wrap, leaving the ends hanging out so it's easier to remove at serving time.  Then I just make layers ~ starting with a bottom 'crust' of graham crackers (regular, low fat, fat free or cinnamon); covering that completely with layer of  pudding (I use whatever flavor of instant pudding sounds good at the time, regular or sugar-free);  then a layer of chopped fruit (like thin sliced banana, drained canned peaches/fruit cocktail/Mandarin oranges, shredded coconut or a combo of them all); and then a thin layer of Cool Whip (any variety).  Depending on the size of the dish I'm using, I'll make either two or three layers, ending with the Cool Whip on top, and then adding a sprinkling of crushed graham crackers as a garnish.  I then put the 'Icebox Cake' into the fridge, and let it sit for 8 hours/overnight, that way the moisture will be absorbed by the graham crackers and it will become solid enough to cut. 

When it's time to serve, I just use the plastic wrap to carefully pull the 'cake' out of the dish. It should now be holding its shape and be easy to cut. We like it made in all different flavors, I'll use ~ regular, sugar-free, fat-free or low-fat ingredients ~ just depends on my mood and what is lurking about in my fridge or pantry. This little dessert is also a great way to use up leftover fruit or pudding, and makes little sweet treat odds-and-ends go a bit further.  Gotta love that!

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