Quick Enoki Mushroom Soup ~ Meatless Monday

I'm a big fan of the itty-bitty, fairy-sized Enoki Mushroom.  There is something so cute and dainty about these little guys.  What I also like about them is how easy they are to use, just a minute in some hot broth and they're good to go.   My favorite way to eat them is in a super quick, simple to make soup.  In about the time it takes to boil the water so I can make the broth, I can have my ingredients all assembled for my soup.  

To make my Quick Enoki Mushroom Soup, just ~ Chop the Enoki Mushrooms into short sticks.  Slice a carrot into super thin 'coins'. To slice them I use my veggie peeler on the thin end of the carrot.  Slice some bell pepper into super thin strips.  Chop some cilantro.  Put all the prepped veggies into your soup bowl and then pour your favorite hot veggie/mock meat broth or miso soup over the top.  Stir in some Bragg's and a couple of drops of toasted oriental sesame oil.  Give it a quick spin & you're ready to eat.  Change up the soup any way you want, just slice the veggies super thin, so that way they 'cook' in the broth in about a minute.

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