Curried Tempeh Waldorf Salad ~ Meatless Monday

I was in the mood for some Indian food when I made this salad.  I had no plan in mind when I started creating this meal, but pretty quick an idea emerged, and I came up with what I'm calling my ~ Curried Tempeh Waldorf Salad.  I hit the fruit/veggie bin hard, chopping up ~ an apple, a celery stalk, a bit of sweet yellow bell pepper, walnuts and then crumbled in some tempeh.  I stirred in some low fat mayo, curry powder, turmeric, cumin, salt/pepper and crushed red pepper flakes.  It tasted sorta like the classic Waldorf Salad...but, a Waldorf Salad with an Indian curry attitude.  This salad was so easy to throw together.  My little impromptu lunch was full of fresh flavors, crunchy textures and was really satisfying.  This time I ate it straight out of the bowl, but next time I think I might add it to...a pita pocket...or, maybe I'll roll it up in a wheat wrap...or, maybe it'll be stuffed into a tomato...or, maybe nestled into half an avocado...or...   :)

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