Blueberry-Rhubarb Grunt

Blueberry-Rhubarb Grunt ~ Hmmm... the word 'grunt', it sure is a funny sounding name for a dessert, but it really does taste good.  I kinda, sorta made this recipe...I just fudged it a bit.  I did actually follow the recipe/ingredients for the blueberry fruit part....except that I added a handful of chopped rhubarb.  And...instead of the regular 'topping' recipe part, I used a 'just-add-water' pancake mix as the 'dumpling' base.  And then...I just added water, a bit of sugar, vanilla extract & cinnamon to it until it was a 'dumpling drop-able' consistancy.  But after all that, I went back to following the recipe directions. (see, just a few minor detours :)    It was a dessert that cooked on the stove top as we ate our dinner, and it was ready to enjoy, just as we finished our meal.  We devoured it quickly...with no dessert leftovers hanging around here that night.  That's always the sign of a good dessert in my book, no matter what recipe you may (or may not) follow.  tee hee  :)

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