Easy Overnight Steel Cut Oatmeal ~ Meatless Monday

I keep trying to like cooking and eating steel cut oatmeal...but I don't.  I think it's because they just take too darn long to cook.  I've tried cooking them overnight in the crock pot, but that was just a sticky, baked on mess to clean up.  And don't even get me started on trying to cook them in the microwave ~ TOTAL NIGHTMARE!!  They say it can be done, don't believe them, I've tried THREE different times.  It's just turns into a horror show, no matter now hard I try to make it work 'this time'.  Don't go there!  

All that being said, I was on a mission to find a way to cook the remaining box of steel cut oats that's sitting in my pantry...taunting me, every day.  So, I decided the only way to solve the problem, (I'm too cheap to just throw out the rest of the box) and to get those pesky oats out of my hair (it tends to get stuck in there when you're scrubbing the oats off the ceiling and walls of the microwave, and don't forget mopping up the watery, messy, oat gravel carnage from the glass turntable...don't ask), was to try another 'easy' recipe.  

Well, happy to report I have found a way to make steel cut oats that really is simple and easy.  I followed this brilliant, overnight oat soak method recipe...and it was even quicker than they said it would be.  After I soaked the parboiled oats overnight, I just nuked a serving for a minute, (once they soak overnight, they are tamed!)  gave 'em a quick stir, zapped them again for another minute, and they were done. Easy-peasy!  The recipe makes enough for about 4 servings, so I keep the extra in a glass jar, and I'm set for d.a.y.s.!  I like to eat mine sweet or savory, just depends on my mood.  Sometimes I'll top mine with chia seeds, chopped walnuts, raisins and a little maple syrup...other times I'll add cilantro, chipotle hot sauce, spices, nuts and some light cheese for a little Mexican flavored breakfast or lunch action.  So yummy...and chewy, but that's OK, it's just their thing.  :)   I am now at peace with the remaining box of steel cut oats.  Life is good. 

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