Braised Radish Greens with Chickpeas & Tomatoes ~ Meatless Monday

I had some radish leaves left over from the bunch that our 'gentleman farmer' neighbor brought over the other day, ((see the post that I wrote about the homegrown radishes HERE))  and I'm still amazed to find out that you really can eat radish greens.  It really shouldn't have surprised me, but it did.  If I had to describe them, I'd say they are a bit tough and a tad bitter, sort of like turnip or mustard greens.  I'm glad I gave cooking/braising them a try, and was happy with how my meal turned out.  It was pretty simple to make...

I trimmed off the tougher ends of the leaves (saving them for the juicer) and gave the radish leaves a rough chop.  I braised the leaves with about a half cup of canned diced tomatoes/ juice, a cup of chickpeas and some EVOO.  As you can see, they cooked down a lot.  When they were done, I gave the whole thing a drizzle of maple syrup, a shot of Bragg's Amino Acids, and some crushed red pepper/salt.   I think this works for either a light lunch/dinner or as a side dish.  Next time you find yourself with some homegrown or some organic radishes, consider cooking the leaves ~ I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, too.  Happy Meatless Monday!

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