Homegrown Radishes & Radish Greens ~ simple, clean-eating at its best!

Our neighbor, (the same 'gentleman farmer' that I wrote this post about last year) was kind enough to bring over some of his first of the season's produce yesterday.  It was a robust bunch of radishes ~ I love homegrown radishes!  For some reason I have not had any luck growing them here, luckily for us, we now know someone who does.  :)

I decided to enjoy the radishes simply, with just a sprinkle of some of the ~ Spanish rosemary infused gourmet sea salt ~ that my friend, Anne, sent me for Christmas.  If you've never tried flavored sea salt, I HIGHLY recommend it! I absolutely adore my cherry wood smoked flavor, it smells and tastes divine.

After I had my fill of radishes, I kept thinking the radish greens just looked too healthy and vibrant to let them go to waste.  So, I searched the web and discovered you can eat radish leaves!  I never knew that...but thinking of how sorry looking the radish greens are in the market, it's not surprising that I'd never thought to eat them before.  Now I know ~ homegrown and fresh is the only way to go with radish greens! 

I threw in a few of the baby radish leaves into my dinner salad ~ it was outstanding!  The radish leaves have a little, sharp/spicy kick and were a nice compliment  to the romaine and Parmesan cheese.  Simple, clean-eating at its best!  Thanks so much for sharing the radishes with us, Brett!

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