Tofu 'Shrimp Cocktail' with Kale Salad ~ Meatless Monday

I was tinkering around with tofu a while back and came up with a fun, vegetarian version of 'Shrimp Cocktail'.  Super simple to do... I just coarsely mash up a block of drained, extra firm tofu and then ~~ add my favorite spicy cocktail sauce, a little bit of finely minced celery & onion, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, fresh ground pepper and an extra dash of hot sauce.  I like to serve it in a pretty glass with some crackers, just like you would a traditional shrimp cocktail.  (to me, it makes it feel extra special when I serve it like that)  I like to eat it along side a simple kale side salad, and I'm good to go.

I think this would make a great, light Meatless Monday lunch...  Or, maybe even try the Tofu 'Shrimp Cocktail' as an appetizer for your Meatless Monday dinner.  Enjoy!


  1. ooh yum!

    1. Yeah, I am a sucker for a shrimp cocktail, too! I just love the flavor of cocktail sauce, the more horseradish, the better. :)


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