Tipsy Lemon Pepper Chicken

The other night I made an old favorite of ours ~ Tipsy Chicken.  This time I included some sliced Meyer lemons and cracked black pepper under the skin before I put the chicken in to roast.  It 'perfumed' the chicken (Roy's word, not mine :) with the lovely citrus aroma and flavor of my go-to lemon.  I used a crisp white wine and a classic dry chicken rub, it was a wonderful combo.  I love cooking chicken this way ~ it's easy, it's tasty, it's tender, the chicken cooks up moist and since it's sitting up, all the fat drains as it bakes.  I make it with beer, red wine, soda or whatever liquid strikes my fancy ~ same goes for the herbs and spices.  Check out the simple recipe ~ HERE.

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