Fresh from the Juicer ~ For Your Eyes Only ~ fruit/veggie juice blend & a Quick Hummus using the leftover Juicer Pulp

I love my Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor.  I always have fun when I get out the recipe manual and take it out for a 'spin'.  This juice blend ~ For Your Eyes Only ~ would make a nice start to any morning.  Enjoy! 

For Your Eyes Only
serves one


  • 2 carrots
  • 1 pear
  • 1/2 squash

Cut veggie/fruits into chunks that will fit into your juicer, shove the chunks down the chute & juice away. 

Serve straight-up or over ice.

For a little extra treat, sometimes I'll use the leftover pulp from the juicer to make a simple dip.  One of my favorites to make is a Quick Hummus with Juicer Pulp.  Super easy to make, all I do is throw into my food processor ~ one can of drained/rinsed garbanzo beans, a spoonful of nut butter, a squeeze of lemon/lime juice, the leftover juicer pulp and some spices/salt/pepper.  Then I ~ give it a whirl, spoon into a bowl, drizzle with a little EVOO, sprinkle on some paprika and serve.  I like to eat it with ~ assorted cut-up veggies, crackers, pita bread or as a sandwich spread.  It's really tasty and full of all the extra good fiber left over from making the juice.  Waste not, want not!


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